TEDxVenlo Live Blogging


It was a new experience for me: live blogging during a major event such as TEDxVenlo. What a team! What an atmosphere! It was the first edition, but the team worked together as if they had been doing it for ages. The location Grenswerk, normally a pop podium,¬†was definitely special. Wonderful lighting, although for the blogging it was darker than my eyes could handle. No getting around the glasses…

TEDxVenlo audience

Look closely at the picture of the audience and you can see us on the balcony, writing like mad to make sure all the speakers would  receive the attention they deserved. Ten speakers and some entertainment acts later we could look back on a satisfying event. For me it was learning as well. The creativity of language suffered a bit from the pressure. But overall Niek (the Dutch blogger) and I were satisfied enough with the results. Interested? Here you can read our blogs. And of course we have big plans for next year. TEDxYouth, TEDxWomen and whatever else will come our way. Keep following us to see the surprises of TEDxVenlo. Or contact me for more info about my creative pen.