Biomimicry workshop ‘learning from nature’

Art students are special. They think in a different way and I love that. Together with Eva van Rijsingen from Blue Engineering I gave a workshop ‘learning from nature’ at the HKU in Utrecht. The college teaches about art and application and that perfectly fit with what we had to teach: bionics, biomimicry, blue economy.

We explained about systemic design, zooming out. We discussed ecosystems and what will happen if the fox dies. But we also discussed their innovations and gave them a new way of looking at their project. In the end they all shared with us how this workshop changed their innovations.

Biomimicry, nature

Wow, what an energy! What a good way of sharing and thinking about sustainability. I definitely hope this college wants to participate in our projects. These art students can teach our Venlo entrepreneurs a lot. How to change their view. How to include art and nature in every innovation, in every product.

And of course we made them think about their business case too. Because in the end people and planet have to be teamed up with prosperity for people as well. It is the only sustainable way.

(photo: Daan Eerland)