We Can Change the World with Storytelling

My freelance company, Driesenaar, has a commitment to storytelling. Apart from putting my hands to work on actual projects, I am committed to telling stories of change. Inspiring. Showing the bigger picture. Sharing role models. And supporting the steps toward action.

My work aligns the economy, ecology and the human spirit.

My motto is:

“Let’s restore ecosystems and learn as humans how to live within planetary boundaries.”

My written storytelling can be viewed on Medium. Many stories are republished on websites and in magazines. Sometimes they are translated. And I am now finding the thread and working on a book and YouTube videos.

Storytelling. Eye of the storm Hurricane Matthew as it approached Florida USA, October 2016. European Space
Hurricane Matthew 2016. Picture European Space Agency.

My top 3 stories on Medium:

“Climate Change is Not Our Most Important Problem” But is that relevant?

“Business Models from Linear to Circular to Regenerative”

“Why Ecosystem Restoration Comes First in the New Business Models”

A regenerative business model of a beer brewery. Ask Nature Nuggets.

Sometimes the storytelling finds me on a stage – Het Grootste Kennisfestival van Nederland

I tell stories in podcasts or other interviews – The Optimist

Or I’m asked to write vision documents or explaining marketing content for inspiring complex organizations with complex stories – Blue Earth Innovations

I love to collaborate with other passionate professionals. So I work with designers, filmmakers, singer-songwriters, and other creatives who share my values.

Curious? Talk to me.