Business, economy, society and all other human systems are slowly but surely transitioning to become regenerative.

What does regeneration mean?

It means that the new human systems will be based on trust, abundance, diversity and synergy. It means a new way of being a wise individual human in a supportive community on a self-regulating, living planet.

Regeneration means we will put life and health for all beings, including humans, central in everything we do and create. 

Regeneration is the future.


My motto:

“Let’s align the economy with ecology and the human spirit”

Everything I do relates to this motto. Initiating projects. I contribute to projects with my regeneration and storytelling expertise, experience, and vast, international network.

My Jobs, Projects, Roles

  • Member of Advisory Boards, think-tanks for companies and governments
  • An expert role in impactful, regenerative projects, training, symposiums, etc.
  • Apprenticeship – my apprentices receive monthly seeds, deep knowledge, and practical tools for the regeneration of their own lives
  • Heroine’s Journey – an international course for impactful womxn leaders in making conscious business models and learning about conscious storytelling. I guide the participants as a part of a team with impactful business designer Canay Atalay, embodying expert Amber Joy Rava, and spiritual leader Primavera Salva

I’m an educator, committed to teaching you how to think systemically for yourself. I work fast and am always willing to give a fixed price so you know what you can expect beforehand.

Ready for regeneration? Don’t hesitate to contact me.


  • External expert and advisor for the European Commission and a variety of governments and companies
  • Practical projects on ecosystem restoration, economic transition, and systemic thinking
  • Published writer of systemic, regenerative stories about the current transition times in Dutch and English
  • 25+ years experience in regular business management and strategic communication


My history is filled with management team roles, commercial strategy, international marketing, and strategic communication. As of 2014, I have built a new career on the transition of governmental structures and companies.

I’m part of the international Blue Economy, biomimicry, and regenerative experts networks, combining economy and ecology in new human systems
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