Driesenaar is the freelance company of Désirée Driesenaar.

For 25+ years I worked in business management as a commercial manager, business unit manager, international B2B marketer or consultant.

In 2014 I decided that the time had come to combine my business experience with a strong drive towards a regenerative, inclusive, purposeful future.

I became an entrepreneur for a regenerative future. Apart from my regular business and communication studies, I participated in training programs from Blue Economy and Schumacher College

More about my career can be found on linkedin.

MDesiree Driesenaary passion

Humans are part of nature, everything is connected. That is my main learning when I started my personal search for purpose and sustainability.

I developed a worldview of systems thinking, ecology. And my life has changed because of it.

My strong conviction is that we should restore ecosystems, reconnect to nature and learn together how to live as part of nature.

Different business models and innovations can play an important part in this, as well as human connection and heightened awareness to make the right choices.

The world is a systemic, complex organism but people need concepts to be able to grasp meaning and dare to take next steps. So that’s my focus. Action and storytelling. Systemic narratives that drive action without confusing people with too much complexity. Co-creating a better future for all.

So that’s what my projects are about. I participate in projects to make people and planet thrive and communicate about them to create awareness. It is like a dance in which we find our steps, looking at what has real value.


I always work together with other freelancers and companies in different settings, adding value to each others’ strenghts. And I love it because it gives me colleagues.

People to work with, to create with, I love being part of a team. Some of the companies/consortiums I collaborate with at this moment are: The Heroines, Bluehub, IBI2, Blue Earth Innovations, Healthy Building Network, Base Projects, Dycle in Berlin, The Trinity Farm in Greece, Meraki People in Greece, Green School in Bali.

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact me.