Driesenaar is the freelance company of Désirée Driesenaar.

For nearly 30 years I worked in business as an international B2B marketing manager and consultant. In 2014 I decided that the time had come to combine my business experience with a strong drive towards a sustainable future. I became an entrepreneur for sustainability. Apart from my regular business and communication studies, I participated in training programs from Blue Economy and The Natural Step

More about my career can be found on linkedin.

MDesiree Driesenaary passion

Humans are part of nature, everything is connected. That is my main learning when I started my personal search for sustainability. My life has changed because of it. My dearest projects are the ones where plant and animal life is still vibrant, but the people want to develop and create wealth for a community. It requires dynamic balance, feeling connections and finding the ecological (and local business) ways to intensify without harm to any of the elements involved. It is like a dance in which we find our steps, looking at what has real value.


I love to work together with other freelancers and companies. We create many great projects this way.

If you are interested to collaborate, please contact me.