How Can AI Support a New Economy?


Artificial Intelligence (AI) is used often to handle complexity issues. In this article I explore why we need to get used to complexity in the first place and what the role of AI is in handling this complexity. Arie Voorburg has done wonderful work in unleashing collective intelligence to find the solutions of a regenerative, inclusive and purposeful future. Also the Blue Economy uses computer software, such as system dynamics programs to design complex business models.

But it always starts with the human mind and most of all the human heart. We cannot find solutions for a purposeful future of generations ahead if we do not involve a heart. If we do not start designing in a qualitative way. I you are interested in AI and what role it has in creating a new economy, please read the full article.

Illustration comes from a presentation of Arie Voorburg, specialised in complexity and complex city issues.

If you want to work together (with methods of Arie Voorburg or from Blue Economy) on making this future a reality, please contact me.