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Communication can be done in many different ways. And they all need their own apprach. Take the power of story. It should not to be underestimated. Stories have souls. They can uplift or destroy. For every story there is a place and a time. Readers can be inspired or learn something. Stories can lead the way. Tone, facts, emotions; they can strengthen a story. But they have to be used in an expert way.

Désirée talks:

  • inspiring on stage with her view on sustainablity (e.g. Grootste Kennisfestival van NL youtube, C2C Congress Venlo, HKU and Enactus students, World Health Innovation Summit Greece)
  • coaching others on how to be speakers (e.g. TEDxVenlo, Innobites, Bright Cluster Venlo)
  • using her voice for voice-overs (e.g. animation for care company)

Désirée writes:

  • articles and stories about sustainability (e.g. De Constructeur, Vakblad Oppervlaktetechnieken)
  • factual articles, explaining technology (e.g. Hauzer, Océ, WerkzeugTechnik, Engine Technology International)
  • press releases (e.g. Hauzer, Océ, BiblioNu, SOS Meerlo-Wanssum)
  • stories to strenghten historical context (e.g. Douwe Egberts, Vereniging Bedrijf en Historie)
  • subtitles to documentaries (Marijn Poels Films)
  • fiction (e.g. Cosmopolitan, Quillerz, collection Licht)

Communication & training

And she likes to share her expertise in trainings about pitching and speaking on stage; storytelling and writing. Trainings are tailor-made, always adapted to the attendants and the learning goals.

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