Blue Economy

Desiree_hoedWhat if you wear another hat today?

The private hat instead of the business hat?

Would your business be doing things differently?

As soon as you remember that you are a mother, a son, a sister and a friend you look with different eyes. But it is so hard to remember when you are part of a system that is doing things in a certain way. For years and years we are working our lineair processes, polluting, creating waste. So we are no longer aware of the toxic materials in our products, the pollution of our rivers, the work load that makes people burn-out. And if we do see it, we don’t know how to change it without destroying our business.

Blue Economy principles

Well, there are ways. Ways that your business can thrive and your products can be sustainable. A lot of companies take the path now and dive into the unknown, knowing that it is the only path available if they want to survive in the long run.

It is a path we still have to invent together, with lots of innovation and collaboration. But there is help along the way. There are principles to adopt. Like those of the Blue Economy or the Natural Step. There are new business models that apply systemic design, include sustainable technologies, learn from nature.

Man on the moon

But it all starts with having an ambitious goal. John F. Kennedy said in 1961 that he would be sending an American safely to the moon before the end of the decade. He had no idea how, but he jumped in and along the way solutions appeared. July 21 1969, Neil Armstrong spoke the famous words: “One small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.”

It is time for mankind to take another leap. We all know we cannot go on like this, we have to give our children and grandchildren a good future, an earth that helps them eat, drink and breathe. Businesses can be the drivers of change, with ethical leadership, product innovation and new business models.

Ready to jump? Or just want to know more? Contact me.

Examples of some of the work I have done

  • initiating projects to stimulate sustainable business, such as Venlo Regionomics 
  • being on stage (e.g. Grootste Kennisfestival Deventer youtube; C2C Congress in Venlo; Groen Links symposium Deventer; Studium Generale municipality Peel en Maas; World Health Innovation Summit, Greece)
  • training and inspiring (e.g. Bright Future Lab; IBI2 Academy; international team Enactus; students of Hogeschool voor Kunsten Utrecht; children of Agora school Roermond)
  • initiating and writing articles (e.g. about bionica and remanufacturing)
  • sharing my knowledge to help accelerate international Blue Economy projects (e.g. Dycle Berlin; Meraki People Greece; Trinity Farm, Greece)
  • doing practical stuff with permaculture, agro-ecology (e.g. Stichting Phien, transforming 3 big farms into food forests and building off-grid houses) and giving compost workshops
  • being director of Ecosystem Restoration Camps started by John Liu
  • stimulating community trading with local coins and decentralised cryptocurrencies (Bancor protocol) and universal, unconditional basic income (Value Instrument).

Some background

The Simple Show explains the Blue Economy:

blue economy simple show

Désirée is part of the international network of Blue Economy experts, attended summer school at the univeristy of Pecs, Hungary and several editions of the Living University of Blue Economy, e.g. on El Hierro:

Désirée has been trained to apply the Natural Step methods:

Désirée is a Schumacher College alumni and participates in the murmeration, spreading the knowledge worldwide.

Désirée has been trained in permaculture and has a heart for agro-ecology.